Community says Good-Bye to Raychelle Gaston

I’m at home going to the service that celebrated the life of Raychell Gaston, family and friends told of her life experiences, her dreams and the tenacity she lived while in our midst.

“Raychelle was involved in everything in this church,” said her pastor Bishop Charles E. Young of Deliverance Tabernacle Church.  “I believe she knew in her spirit from all accounts of what was said that she knew she was going to leave us.”  “Sometimes your spirit knows but your flesh doesn’t.”

Her sister Dr. Sharon  Gaston said “I just loved my sister.  My mom said your sister loved you and you loved your sister, but your sister loved you.  She was always giving and we would argue about it, but she would always give her last.”

“Raychelle never knew how to say no,” said her best friend Valerie Walker.  “She was always energetic, always finding something to do.”

Gaston was killed May 4 in a multiple car accident while traveling north on highway 133N where she was on her way to a wedding reception at The Oakridge Lodge.  As the vehicle turned into the Lodge they were rear ended and pushed into the median causing them to be hit by as oncoming vehicle.  She was killed immediately.  Other passengers in the car Roletta Shelton, did not receive injuries, Devin Tucker                                        sustained minor injuries,  Brian McCarty was air lifted  to a hospital in Gainesville, Florida where he has recovered with some injuries.  All are said to be fairly well now.

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