Community Unites to March for Trayvon Martin

Saturday morning, the community of Pensacola gathered forces and began a walk early Saturday morning beginning at E Street and Jackson Street and walked to New Life Church to honor the memory of Trayvon and get the dialogue of young people as to how they felt and what could adults of Pensacola do to help ensure their safety.

Numerous speakers were on the program to speak including, attorney Fred Gant and Rev. H K Mathews, former Civil Rights leader.  Dr. Janice Crenshaw hosted the event and acted as liaison for the group.

Rev. H. K Matthews in an interview prior to the meeting stated “I would like to see the Stand Your Ground b Law overturned.  I’d like to see the law removed because it is just a license for people who are in certain positions to kill- to maim.”

“First of all who’s ground as we talking about?” he continued.    “Trayvon Martin had a ground; George Zimmerman had no ground because he had no right to get out of his automobile and follow him.  It is a scapegoat kind of law that allows people, for those intent to break the law to get away from it legally, if you can do so legally.  My suggestion would be an intense lobbying campaign.”

Young people at the meeting expressed their frustration and desire to see better communications and better education opportunities for them in Pensacola.

That afternoon, approximately 400 people young and old Black and White marched from New World Landing to the Martin Luther King Plaza and rallied for Trayvon’s  March for Peace.

As shouts of “No Justice No Peace” and “I am Trayvon” rang out from the marching crowd, traffic came to a halt and onlookers stood silently and watched.

As the crowd arrived, many took turns speaking of the incident and expressing their views.  “I feel that if Trayvon had been white and he shot Zimmerman , it would have been different..,” said a young teen.

As the event neared an end, the crowd ended the march by marching back through downtown to New World Landing peacefully.

To date, the Department of Justice has received over one million signatures requesting that they take action and review the Zimmerman case.


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