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Allow me to introduce myself and with a little history.  I am Joseph of PC’S 4 U.  Before becoming sole proprietor of PC’S 4 U, I was a computer consumer as many of you are.  I purchased brand name manufactured computers and found out that after a couple of years I could not get the performance that I once had or upgrade it without paying short of the cost of a new computer. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the time I took my computer to get repaired. It was still under warranty and the manufacturer told me to take it to one of their reputable dealers. I had to pay $100.00 upfront for them to take the computer over the counter.  If it cost less I would get a refund or pay the difference if it was more to fix. After having my computer for a couple of weeks they told me they could not fix it.  I was given my computer back in the same condition that I gave it to them (broken) and they kept my $100.00. I took it home and decided that I could not make it any worse if I tinkered with it and to my amazement I really fixed it.  I had mixed emotions at that point and after awhile I decided to find out what is this computer game all about. I enrolled at Clark University and graduated with a degree in PC installation and support.

Your computer does two things, it inputs data and outputs data.  The Personal Computer (PC) came about by IBM in the month of August 1981. Any other brand name computers are considered IBM or PC compatible computers.  Not to add to the confusion, the Macintosh nickname Mac / Apple is a computer that came about in 1984. Although it was not cost effective in the business market place it was the first to introduce the Graphic User Interface (GUI) pronounced (goo-ie) and yes the mouse.  The graphic user interface is the ability to see the pictures / icons opposed to the then traditional black screen with white letters and a flashing courser, better known as a Disk Operating System (DOS).  The mouse was a one button input device for Macintosh opposed to the now two button mouse developed for PC users.  Why two buttons opposed to one?  In the PC world the left button is used to one click or highlight an item or rapid double-click to execute (open) a short cut to a program.  One click of the right button brings up a menu depending where the pointer of the mouse is on.

I hope to accomplish that you know you are smarter than your computer, that the computer is a tool, and you are the master of that tool.  If you have any questions you would like answered in this column please send them to:

Until next month, safe computing. “PC’S 4 U where quality and client satisfaction are priority!”

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