Computer Tips From The Mouse: Web Browser Toolbars

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Defined by: World English Dictionary “a horizontal row or vertical column of selectable buttons displayed on a computer screen, allowing the user to select a variety of functions.”

There are toolbars in every program and even on your desktop.  Most common application of a toolbar is found in your word processing program located horizontally across the top of the program, another can be found on your Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Goggle Chrome) to mention a few.  This is the toolbar I will be talking about.

When you launch / open your web browser and there is more than the menu bar (File, Edit, View, Tools, Help) available everything else below the Uniform Recourse Locater (URL) or address bar is a tool bar.  Although they are supposed to be designed to help your web browsing experience I wonder how significant they are. I have found that the more of these toolbars attached to your browser slows down the speed of web page loading and navigation.

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