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Windows 10 will be on the scene in 2015. Oh! Where, Oh! where did Windows 9 go? Answer 10, 8, 9 
I have been testing the new Windows 10 and there are some significant changes to the end users favor.
1st major noticeable feature it boots directly to the desktop!
2nd the start button is back meaning full left click mouse button functionality. You get the old windows 8.1 look on right click.
3rd the desktop icons have a new design.
4th there is only one Internet Explorer
5th the apps run from the desktop
6th no more charms (push mouse upper or bottom right hand corner) hidden charms appear. The settings option will appear holding down the Windows key and pressing the ( i ) key.
7th the apps have the minimize (-), restore down, and close (x) at the top of it. No update required to get that feature.
8th safely remove USB device message is a large bright orange message appearing bottom right of monitor.
Here are some screen shots of the new Windows 10:
For those that did not get the answer. (10, 8 (ate), 9.
I hope to accomplish that you know you are smarter than your computer, that the computer is a tool, and you are the
master of that tool. If you have any questions you would like answered in this column please send them to:
Until next month, safe computing.
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