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Today there are many options to connecting devices to your computer. Regardless of the connection port there are only two ways to connect a device to your computer with a wire or wireless (air wave). Although you have a wireless device there might be a wire connected between the transmitter and the computer. Ironic a wire connection used to make a wireless device work. Wireless devices can be looked at like a radio station and a radio. The signal comes from the station and is picked up by the radio. There are many stations available on different frequencies you tune your radio to the frequency (station) of your choice and listen. The same applies for a wireless device they all have their own frequency. That is why they cannot be mixed up or mistaken during installation or use.
The most common computing wireless devices are a mouse, keyboards, printers, and headphones. Although these devices are wireless most of them will use a wire or other solid state type connection to the computer. If you are using a laptop look to see if it is Bluetooth compatible; yes the same Bluetooth technology used for your cell phone. If it has Bluetooth capabilities then any wireless device you purchase should be Bluetooth. The primary reason in doing so will eliminate additional wire or connection to your laptop. Second you are now using a feature you paid for that is already built into your laptop.
This is what the Bluetooth symbol looks like.
There are some draw backs to using some wireless devices. The most common one is battery replacement. Oh yes! Low and of course dead batteries present a problem “the device will not work!” Because computing radio waves are low in signal strength limitations in distance will apply; how far away can you be?
Even though wires connected to your computer can be unsightly they are the best for performance and reliability.
Touch screens are becoming more popular and the traditional mouse and keyboard are becoming obsolete. Wireless monitors are even available now. They are equipped as a hub to connect other wireless devices to them as well as your laptop. Technology is forever growing and change is imminent.
Whatever you choose; choose with your needs in mind and a mind for change.

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