Daddy & Daughter Date Night




By: Tonya Jackson

Kim Cox is on a mission to save our families, by “bridging the gap…one family at a time.” She and her non-profit organization, My Brothers and Sisters, host an annual Daddy Daughter Date Night. This past Saturday fathers, grandfathers and other significant male role models dressed in their best and showed their princesses how they should be treated. The National Guard Armory was transformed into a warm and inviting space, complete with decorated tables for the dads and daughters and a tiara table. For the fifth year Cox has been striving “to show our daughters what it’s like to be respected and to encourage a stronger father daughter relationship.”

Cox continued, “Too many of our daughters are becoming teens and getting involved in relationships where they are not treated well. We encourage our fathers to bond with their daughters so they can show them how they’re supposed to be treated and to keep the lines of communication open. This event is just one of the events we have each year. We also have a Mother and Son Night Out and we other events that we’re working on.”

Entertainment for the evening was provided by Pensacola native and kingdom artist Coe. While he no longer lives in Pensacola, Coe’s positive message and his childhood spent without a father made him a perfect choice for this event. “I Forgive You,” featured on his “Blood Diamond” cd, speaks to the pain and triumph of his struggle. His graciousness and the fact that he has left behind the ways that were threatening to push his life in a less than positive direction can also inspire some of the fathers in the middle of their own struggles.

The corporate sponsor for this event, Hewston’s Automotive Repair, allowed Cox and her team to accommodate over 280 attendees. Cox also shared that this event is not a moneymaking endeavor. Since it costs about $8,000 to host this event, ticket sales only cover about a fourth of that cost. They depend on donors to make up the difference. If you are interested in learning more about this great organization they can be reached at

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