Friday night over 300 people attended Pensacola’s Dance Konnection Swingers annual   “Red Carpet Affair” dance at the Corrine Jones Center on Sanders Beach.  The event kicked off their Weekend Extravaganza.
As people were ushered into the lavishly decorated room, The DJ played sounds of old school music getting everyone into the mood to enjoy a fabulous evening.
“The reason behind the events that we put on is the preserve the legacy of Detroit-style ballroom dance,” said Dance Konnection Board of Director Member, Stacey Moering who also runs with organization with her fiancé Keyto Sanders. (Mr.  and Mrs. Herman Hafler also serve as directors).
Moering says the organization’s purpose is to also create unity among dancers from coast to coast.
“We not only ballroom dance, we swing dance,” she said. “We had dancers from Detroit, North Carolina, Texas, Baltimore, California and Georgia.”
For more information, please visit the dance group’s facebook fan page at: facebook.com/DanceKonnectionSwingers

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