Democratic Hispanic Lt. Governor Candidate Opens Pensacola Crist Campaign Offices

Annette Taddeo, Miami-Dade County Democratic Party Chairwoman, was chosen by Democratic Governor Candidate Charlie Crist, on July 17th to run as his Lieutenant Governor running mate for the November 4th 2014 election.  In Pensacola on a campaign swing, Taddeo ignited a boost of energy to the Charlie Crist for Governor Campaign Offices at 2415 N. Pace Boulevard. “She’s a remarkable woman and a classic American success story,” Crist said. “She truly is an American dream come true.”

Annette Taddeo is a 47 years old Hispanic demographic dream for the Crist campaign.  She is a Colombian-American businesswoman who is Democratic Party insider, a married mother of one and the owner of a small business, LanguageSpeak, that provides translation services.  As the former host of a CNN Latino show called Taddeo 2day, Annette is a recognizable face on Spanish-language media and could help with outreach to the fastest-growing major segment of the electorate. Hispanics are about 14 percent of the Florida electorate and have been trending more and more Democratic in recent elections

During the campaign rally at the Pensacola Crist Campaign offices, Rev. H.K. Matthews provided an energy filled sermon-like tribute to the candidate with chants of support for the Democratic ticket and the get-out-the-vote effort.  Barry Goodson, an Army military veteran, former business owner, and life-long Democrat, spoke passionately from his heart on his support for the Crist-Taddeo ticket.  Clorissti Mitchell, the North Florida Crist Campaign Field Organizer assigned to the Pensacola office, gave her volunteer recruitment presentation. Mitchell teared up when she shared her commitment to the Democratic ticket was because she wanted a better and affordable education for her children. Lumon May, Escambia County Commissioner, closed out the introductions with the reasons behind his support for Crist and Taddeo with the Democratic 2012 Campaign motivational shout of “Fired up and ready to go”!

Taddeo began her presentation with, “Hey yawl”!  She spoke how she was recruited for the Lt. Governor spot on the ticket saying she was caught completely by surprise with the offer.  However, she stated she is truly committed to win the campaign and serve the people from Tallahassee. She is not a newcomer to fighting for her constituency as she fought for better precinct locations in Miami, and is an experienced voting rights activist who challenged the incumbent Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in Miami-Dade County.  She pledged to work with Charlie Crist to “give the Governor’s mansion back to the people” rather than Tallahassee special interests.   Her ticket’s main issue is Florida’s once proud, but now under-funded education system.  She feels that the system has gotten to a point of extremes and that our teachers are teaching to a test rather than a employable education.

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