Dolores Lee Celebrates 80th Birthday

December 28, family and friends celebrated Dolores Lee’s 80th birthday by honoring her with an appreciation dinner. There were heartwarming speeches, soulful singing, joyful laughter, friendly mingling, tearful surprises, and an array of delicious food.
Dolores was born in New Orleans, and she moved to Pensacola along with her family in 1965. During Dolores’s youth, she was a middle and high school cheerleader and majorette, and she loved skating, fishing, swimming, baseball, and playing jacks.
After graduation, Dolores married and borne three daughters, two sons, and presently she has an addition of four granddaughters, nine great grandchildren, and two great-great granddaughters.
In 1996, Dolores retired from Pensacola State College, and now she is enjoying a blessed life by spending time with her family, friends, cat Lucky, and attending All Faith Community Church.

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