Dr. Chike Akua Speaks At PSC


By Charles Davis III

Thursday June 29th, The Pensacola State College African American Student Association held “The Miracle of the Maafa”, at the Hagler Auditorium on the Pensacola campus. The special guest was award-winning educator and author Dr. Chike Akua.  The topic of the evening  was understanding African enslavement and empowerment and the event was free and open to the public.

The PSC African American Student Association is a part of the Florida African American Student Association. The mission of the FAASA is to promote the academic and leadership skills of its members through the implementation of the PACE Plan. The PACE Plan cultivates Political Activism, Academic Excellence, Cultural Awareness, and Economic Empowerment.

The Florida African-American Student Association, Inc. (FAASA) was founded in 1976 with the purpose of developing, implementing, intensifying and perpetuating a complete program to identify and address educational, economic and cultural concerns of students of African descent. FAASA represents over 200,000 students in colleges and universities throughout the state of Florida.

Many attending the session discussed the history of how African enslavement came to be and how African empowerment can be achieved through community activism and knowing one’s history.

Dr. Chike Akua helmed the event by giving an in-depth history on how the African American ancestors lived through slavery.  During his speech, Dr. Akua focused on the aspect of what life might have been like before slavery for Africans and how Africa was the leading source in technology and many more areas.  Dr. Akua moved the audience with his speech praising the African ancestry and strength to overcome.

“We were planning a revolt, in the midst of a revolt, or coming out of a revolt.” These words spoken by Dr. Akua can only increase his status as a revolutionary.  Dr. Akua’s most requested speeches include, What Does It Mean To Be Black?, African Sacred Science: Black Contributions to STEM, and Majesty of the Moors: African Influence in Early Europe. These speeches help solidify him as one of the most sought-after speakers and as an educational revolutionary.

For more information on PSC African American Student Association  go to https://www.facebook.com/pscaasa/

For more on the Florida African American Association go to http://faasaweb.org/contact-2/

For more on Dr. Chike Akua and his works you can visit his webpage at http://www.chikeakua.net/

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