Dragon Boat Festival


Pensacola Dragon Boat Festival was held this past Saturday at Bayview Park.  It is a festival brought to you by your local North East SERTOMA.

SERTOMA is an organization of business and professional people knit together in bonds of personal friendship and united in the idea of service in their community.

SERTOMA is a 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 not-for-profit international organization. Every year Sertoma clubs raise more than $20 million for local community service projects. Through these projects, as well as grants and scholarships, Sertoma clubs return those funds to their respective communities and they have loads of fun doing it while building life-long friendship.

Sertoma was founded in Kansas City in 1912 and is the second oldest service in the United States.  They are an international organization with clubs in United State, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.  Sertoma is a coined word for Service to Mankind.

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