Dream, Again Award Gala Honors Eight Recipients


The atmosphere at the Sanders Beach –Corine Jones Center was warm and congenial as guests enjoyed an evening of  good food and good fellowship.

The 2016 Dream Again Awards Presentation awarded eight adults an award for completing their courses in managing adversities and understanding how to plan for their future.

Overcoming the odds of past offenses and working through their problems proved to be quite a journey for some of the recipients.  Yet, through it all, we celebrate their victory and continued success.

Recipients included Kaila Hortman, Shorisha Blount, Willie Adams, Robert Maynard, Kenneth Watts, Kersta Woods, Kristy Melton and Ken Manning.

“Tonight’s award recipients have all faced various adversities which could have prevented them from moving ahead with their lives.  Yet, they persevered.  They remained true to their ultimate goals,” said Bishop Leon Rankins III, founder.  “I am so proud of them .  Here at ACTS, we teach that anything is possible.  Whether your life turned out differently than expected, you can always dream again.”


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