East Hill COGIC-Women in Red

IMG_5083By: Tonya Jackson

The Holy Women in Red program was held on Sunday, February 21st at the East Hill Church of God in Christ, where Bishop Willie C. Green is the pastor. The theme, “Bury the Past” was taken from Philippians 3:13. Attendees wore red to signify being “on fire for the Lord; covered by the blood of Jesus.” This program provided and opportunity for women to encourage and minister to all the women in attendance.

The inspirational message was presented by Evangelist Marguerite Watts, a devout intercessor. Watts is the wife of Pastor Kenneth Watts at the Westside COGIC and the mother of five. She states that she was saved and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost at the age of 21.

Evangelist Bobbie Richburg, Anew Warrington COGIC, delivered the Word of God. Evangelist Richburg is the oldest daughter of the late Deacon and Mrs. Charles (Lizzie) Richburg. She was saved and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost in 1967 at Anew Warrington COGIC. She is a vessel on fire for God. During her message Evangelist, Richburg shared “don’t look back. If you keep looking back you’re gonna go back. Let go of the past. God wants to take you further, but you can’t go forward holding on to your past. You have to let it go.”

During the presentations, Evangelist Chandra Calhoun recognized the oldest woman in attendance, the mother with the most children attending the program, and the person who traveled the furthest. Calhoun also announced their Couple of the Year, Deacon and Sis. Brown.

Other participants in the program included Mother Della Truitt, Mother Debra Bivens, Evangelist Michelle Jones, Evangelist Telsea Calhoun, Mother Janice Lawrence, Sister Frankie Huff, Evangelist Chandra Calhoun, Mother Pamela Banks, Psalmist Monica Lindsey, Lady Diane Green, and Bishop Willie C. Green. The program also featured Moment of Praise from Anew Warrington COGIC and the Pensacola Voices of Joy.

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