Easter Bunny Hides Goodies at McGee Field

IMG_3510 (1)If you were a child or child at heart, McGee Field was the place to be Sunday afternoon.  Hundreds of children and their parents and friends came to enjoy an afternoon of fun and entertainment sponsored by Truth for Youth Organization.

The egg hunt ranged from toddlers to teenagers.  No child was left behind.

Hot dogs, hot sausages, chicken gizzards and kool-aid were just some of the goodies served to the crowd.  Games and egg-buy backs (toddlers up to three years old were given $1, 4 to 12 uears, $2.00) were a part of the activities.  The Marines were also available to assist in the festivities.

McGee Field, Carpenter’s Campers, Choice106.9 and The Gulf Coast Voice were among the supporters of the event.  “I’m so happy for those that came out to help us,” said Rev. Powell.  “Ms. Necee of The Dwarf donated chicken and Mike and Chris from H&O Café donated $100 .  These were just a few of who donated to help make this event a success.

Movie on the Blocks will be the next event sponsored by Truth for Youth.  “Get your chairs together so we can get it done,” Said Rev. Powell.

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