Eastside Neighborhood Improvement Gives Chappie James Flight Academy $7,000

By Carlton J Charles, Project Manager
Since its inception in 1999, the Eastside Neighborhood Improvement Association ( E.N.I.A. ) has been a viable entity in the Pensacola Community for many years. Since we are a neighborhood association, most of our efforts have been confined to the Eastside Community.
he Eastside Community is defined as the area within the boundaries of Baars St. to the North, 9th Ave to the East, Cervantes St. to the South and Hayne/Tarragona Sts. to the West.
In 2004 the Eastside Neighborhood was designated a Community Redevelopment Area Tax Increment Financing District (TIF) by the City of Pensacola. Through the TIF, a number of improvement projects have been funded. These projects include: Erection of Community Historical Markers at various points in our community. These markers are a part of The City of Pensacola Black Historical Trail. Hopefully, at some point, they will become a part of The Florida State Black Historical Trail. These markers were funded from the Eastside Tax Increment Fund grant from the City of Pensacola. Planting of Street Trees and working with the Pensacola Police Department to combat the drug problem within the Eastside Community. This collaboration resulted in the installation of several cameras within the infected area. This brought about the shutting down of several drug houses in the area. These efforts have had a positive impact on the area.
Currently, we are working with the City of Pensacola, The Chappie James Museum Board and The Chappie James Youth Flight Academy on the establishment and construction of The General Daniel “Chappie” James Museum / Flight Academy and Memorial Plaza. This is to be located at the current site of The Chappie James Memorial Plaza at 1608 N. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive. To create parking areas, for the project, the lot behind Movement for Change, on East Moreno Street and the former Walker Service Station Property, at the corner of M.L.K. Drive and Mallory Streets, were purchased by the City of Pensacola.
This project is going to be a great addition to both the Eastside Community and the City of Pensacola. Expected opening of this project is February 2018.
Some of our Association’s past efforts include the designation of and improvements to The Hollis Williams Park and the establishment of The Cecil Hunter Community Swimming Pool
Construction of two entrance signs to the Eastside Neighborhood were implemented These signs were designed by the Eastside Neighborhood Improvement Association. They were funded by a grant from the City of Pensacola. The North entrance sign is located at Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive and Fisher Streets. The South entrance sign is located at the corner of Cervantes and Davis Streets. These signs are also part of The Pensacola Black Historical Trail.
Our future plans are to continue to seek out and do projects that positively enhance and improve our community.
In furtherance of neighborhood development, The Eastside Neighborhood Improvement Association is pleased to support The General Daniel “Chappie” James Youth Flight Academy with a donation in the amount of $7,000.00.
Footnote: The Eastside Neighborhood Improvement Association is currently seeking to increase its membership. To this end, we will be conducting a membership drive in the near future.

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