EF3 Tornado Sweeps Century and Flomaton


By: Jacqueline Miles

At approximately 3:33 pm residents of Century and Flomaton experienced a strong EF2 and a weak EF3 tornado that destroyed many homes and businesses.

For a lot of the residents of Century, the tornado left them without homes, food or belongings.

Many of the residents along Front Street were severely damaged and in some cases, the homes are completely missing.

Century Community Center is now open to help residents with food, water and clothing.  They are asking anyone that has donations to please bring them to the Community Center.

Residents of Flomaton also took a beating.  However, the Flomaton area did not undergo the damage that Century took.

The tornado began just outside of McDavid and continued on through Century and Flomaton.  In all, the tornado traveled approximately 16 miles.

The American Red Cross and Salvation Army have established a post in Century to help residents with their needs.  Please contact either organization to help with relief.

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