Eight Annual Fruit of The Spirit Retreat Held in Destin


If you missed the eighth annual Fruit of The Spirit Women’s Retreat in Destin,
Florida you missed a blessing,  Beginning Thursday with a pamper yourself day, ladies were treated to facials, pedicures and things to make them feel special.  It was a wonderful day of relaxing and bonding.  Women from as far as California, Baltimore, Arizona, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina and Texas came to enjoy and get an understanding of what God had in mind for them.

To really set the tone for the weekend, Bishop John Crenshaw and Prophet Robelto Cobham sounded the victory cry with the blowing of the Shofar.

Among the speakers for the weekend, Prophetess Juanita Houston began the high order of praise.  God truly used this woman to deliver a powerful message.

Prophet Robelto Cobman brought in the spirit of deliverance and healing and Pastor Kim Burrell brought his Holy Spirit in with a strong Word of instruction.

“If I were you, I would pay close attention to my life because God has an interest in you; even if you don’t have interest in yourself,” she said

Unless you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you are very confused.  There is no way you can possibly  come to church or experience every day’s life and not think you need the Holy Ghost.

God is calling for an eternal lifestyle.   “While I was on my way here, I asked God for a word for here and he led me to Psalms 85. For this area, God is saying Revive us again.   There needs to be a revival in this area.  A revival of people to remind us of what God has said.  It’s not safe to sit back and be content and wait for somebody to exemplify what you are waiting for.”   Some of us don’t feel we are qualified.  Forget about our past, forget about what people are saying about us, what they know or think, and realize that God is a forgiving God and people can hold all the grudges they want and hold stuff over your head, it does not stop God from being who God is  in and through you,” stated Pastor Burrell.

“We need the fruit of the spirit,” she continued.  “The more you have the fruit of the spirit in your life, the less frustrated you are and the less judgmental you are.   We need to consider our ways.  Just because we are content being uncomfortable does not mean you make other people comfortable.  Some of us need to cut ties with people who do not know how to speak into our spirit.  People that take from you and take from you are people that you need to remove from you at this point.

After reading Psalms 85 Pastor Burrell continued “Be not led by your own lusts.  Lusts is not always sexual, sometimes lusts is just having it your way.  When you are not spiritually equipped, you don’t need it your way.  Examine what your way could possibly result in.  If some of you were a church that we had to come to, would we be saved? If we had to enter into your spirit, could we enter in with thanksgiving? If we had to enter into your conversation as our church could we survive that church?  If your mind and that that is in has to house us, the people of God, could we survive in that church?

“The Lord sent me here and I know he did.  Can I encourage you, those of this area?  Before you complain again, do something.  Before you talk about what a church ain’t doing, you do something that would make all churches do right.”  Don’t let anyone speak negativity to you or your spirit. Be powerful enough to guard your own spirit from things that people can say to destroy your spirit.  For if you get enough trash in there, your spirit will resemble the trash you allowed.

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