Elements of Praise Explodes at Pensacola High School

If you heard an explosion Saturday evening coming from Pensacola High School, and you were not there, you missed a dynamic spirit filled music ministry.

Composed and directed by John Jackson, this group of locals sang and performed to the highest for the Lord.

“I began this about ten years ago, August 23, 2003,” he began. ”This is the vision that God gave me-to include the people of God; people that were not in the forefront, but people who worked behind the scenes that were willing to trust God to do the will of God and to trust me to follow me in the vision that He gave me, We’ve been together now about ten and one-half years,” said Jackson.

“We have tour plans to promote the album. Some of the places we have on the table are Louisville Kentucky, Atlanta, Georgia, a couple of cities in Mississippi and a couple of cities in Louisiana. We have Jacksonville, Florida coming up as well and on December 6 we will be in Mobile, Alabama.

Jackson is no stranger to the music world. “All of the music to this musical was written and produced by me. God has blessed me to do that.”

A native of Pensacola, John Jackson attended Escambia High School and grew up in Friendship Missionary Baptist Church were Pastor LuTimothy May is pastor. “I am now a full fledge member of Life Changes Worship Experience under the leadership of Pastor Daryle and Karen Montgomery.”
To get a copy of the album, it can be purchased online at Amazon, CD Baby, Rap City, etc. or simply go to any store that sells CDs.

John says “Like us on Facebook and keep up with what God has us doing. Go to Elements of Praise and you will find us.”

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