Elizabeth Perkins, Zion Hope Church Clerk and Secretary Celebrates 80th Birthday



By: Tony McCray

Mrs. Elizabeth Perkins (pictured to the left) celebrated her 80th birthday on Sunday, April 17th at Zion Hope Primitive Baptist Church her church for over 70 years.  She is married to Arthur Perkins and they will share their 58th anniversary in a few months. Mrs. Perkins serves as the Church Clerk and Secretary. She was a Junior Clerk when she was in high school, and moved to the position assistant church clerk thereafter.  When she retired from Pensacola Jr. College Mrs. Perkins was hired by Pastor Bernard Yates in 1999 to work full time as the Church Secretary, becoming the first staff hired by the pastor.

There was a large turnout by the Zion Hope officers and congregation led by Pastor Bernard Yates and First Lady Vonda Yates. Mrs. Perkins commented to the Pensacola Voice, “I truly enjoyed the birthday celebration, especially the food prepared by Brenda Johnson, the decorations, and the fellowship.”

Jerry Holoman, her cousin, congratulated her on an amazing 80 years and wished her well for another 80 years.  Pastor Yates commended her for her service to the church and wished her many more.

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