Elks Lodge is Back with Live Entertainment

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The Elks Lodge, at 304 North Coyle Street in the Historical Belmont and DeVilliers Business District, jumped back into the live entertainment circuit with performances by Little B.B. (Son of B.B. King), Lady Ebony, and Hip Hop Artist Yung T. DaKidd last Saturday, December 10th. The emcee for the live performance was DJ Southern Soul who teamed up with James Royster and Edna Locklin of EBW Enterprises to market and promote the show at the Elks. The live band was provided space just to the side of the usual raised dance floor giving the Elks a night club appeal that is missing from the Belmont and DeVilliers Historical Business District. Vernon Watson “The Blues Hound” served up the recorded music as the house DJ for the evening.

Little B.B., known for Mississippi Delta Blues, performed his father’s big hit the “Thrill is Gone” and his own hit single “My Life is My Problem”. B.B. exclaimed, “I had a wonderful time at the Elks Club in Pensacola. I love the acceptance by the folks that were there from Pensacola, Mobile, and Mississippi. I received such a warm welcome that I now have friends that I did not know I had”! Lady Ebony, born Ebony Weatherspoon of Pensacola, performed her hottest single “Jelly Roll” which was released on February 20, 2015, and her original songs “Urban Christmas”, and “Food Stamps”. Yung T. DaKidd (Lateshia Nared) is a Hip Hop Artist, also, from Pensacola performed her original numbers “Ride and Jook” and “New Swang”.

Former Pensacola City Councilman, Lester Smith, is a firm believer in the long term relevance of the Elks Lodge #751 and has served as House Manager for the past six years. The lodge was originally built in 1927 and has served as a strong staple of African-American community service, culture, and entertainment. In 1981, the lodge served as the first site for the Music Makers Hall of Fame Celebration on the lodge’s second floor.

Now as 2015 comes to a close the lodge is open 7 days a week. They are open at 6PM, Monday through Friday, 7PM on Saturdays and 6PM on Sundays with Starchild spinning the music. Second Tuesdays is Comedy Night, First Fridays is Poetry Night, and Monday Night Football is the main dish on the menu every Monday. The lodge will host Willie Easley this Saturday December 19th and will be holding events throughout the holidays. For more information, call (850) 232-6137.

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