Ellison Bennett Pre-Files for School Board District Education Seat

Ellison Bennett is no stranger to politics or the needs of the community in the Education arena.

“I’m running for this because I’ve always had a passion for children. And seeing the dynamics of the district for the last 10 years, our neighborhood schools in district 3 have been closed some for economic reasons.  I feel that we have to get parental involvement for children at an early age.   Schools like AA Dixon, Brown Barge and Spencer Bibbs have been closed in our neighborhoods.  We need schools in our neighborhood because it will then make it easier for parents to come to PTA meetings in their neighborhoods rather than having to travel across town for meetings.  My thing is we are at stage in our society that we must address the dropout rate of our children. Right now, it’s over 50%. “

Bennett continued “We have to get to the children at an early age.  My interest in running is trying to get parents, students, teachers the school board administration on the same page and understand if we do not invest in our children, we will lose our children.”

Bennett said that Children failing is not an option.  “That is my motto.”

When asked about his experience he replied “I’ve been a city councilman in Hayne City, president of SCLC for 10 years.  That has been a long and rewarding journey, the youth Coalition Task Force and different committees with the school district. Also, he has served on the Opportunity council in Polk County Florida from 1987-1989, being elected to the city council and receiving the Martin Luther King award in Haynes City, the George Edgecombe Bar Association Tampa, won the national chapter of the year award for SCLC 2004.  “That was very important” he said.

He volunteered to go over to Waveland Mississippi when hurricane Katrina hit.

When asked what changes he would make if he could it stated “Civil citations.  We have students being arrested for misdemeanors.  We have looked at the citation in Dade County and it does work.”

I’m more in tuned to doing more for the African American community because that is the community that has been blighted over the years.  But I do understand that if  all children can receive a quality education, I must represent every child that wakes up every morning and say I want to learn.

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