Elva Thompson Fights Against Domestic Violence

BY: Jeremie Samuel

Elva “Precious Love” Thompson, a writer, publisher and human rights advocate, has transmitted her life changing experiences into books to help others who are experiencing similar situations. Thompson survived an abusive marriage of 15 years. After being a victim of domestic violence, Thompson became a victor by utilizing prayer and writing to share her situation to help others. A native of Pennsylvania, Thompson has written two books on the subject of abusive relationships.

Her first book: “A Mother’s Cry” – is a raw account of her personal journey to survive, alone with her three daughters, after her violent marriage ended. Thompson said that writing became a source of healing in the aftermath of the abusive marriage.

“I prayed to start the healing process, to write was my therapy,” said Thompson. A composite of Thompson’s journals eventually evolved into the tell all book, “A Mother‘s Cry.” Her second book “Battered Secrets: Men of Domestic Violence,” is a collection of chapters with personal revelations of men who were victims of domestic violence.

Thompson noted that men who are victims of domestic abuse are often overlooked or trivialized. But, she stated, she is receiving an increasingly higher number of calls from men who claim abuse from their partners.

Thompson is also the publisher of Esquire Publications and the founder of Precious Hearts Foundation, an organization that works to aid men, women and children who are the victims of domestic abuse. The foundation provides hotel vouchers to victims seeking to escape from their abusers and works with local shelters to help victims regroup when facing difficult situations. She now says looking back that she would have been much smarter dealing with the abusive situation, by way of having a safety plan.

“I would have all my important things and paperwork together,” Thompson continued “have an extra set of clothes; place [your belongings] at a family or friend’s home so when you make your getaway you’re all set.”

Thompson has learnt much from her experience and now is able to detect some of the red flags of abuse like jealousy, isolation and quick tempers.

“A sign of potential abuse is jealousy and isolation,” she said. “When they want to isolate their partner from friends and family and be careful with a quick temper,” said Thompson.

With an acquired knowledge of domestic violence, Thompson makes herself available as a helpline operator for her affiliate, Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women. After not having access to resources in her time of need, Thompson works to help build outlets for victims to talk and get help. Thompson said that fear and strong emotional attachments factor into a victim not leaving an abusive relationship.

“When you’re in an abusive relationship, you have to tell someone,” Thompson added “get a safety plan, talk to someone, get into a shelter if you have to–but you have to remove yourself and your children and start over and receive counseling.”

For more information on Elva Thompson’s company visit www.esquirepublications.com and visit www.preciousheartsfoundation.org for information on the Precious Heart Foundation. Call 1.877.731.2210 for help with a domestic violence situation.

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