Emmaus Kidz & Co. Becomes Enlightened about the Civil Rights Movement

By Carlyn “Cartilini” James
Saturday morning the Emmaus Kidz of Pensacola, Florida praised and worshiped at the Charity Chapel Church. Together the children received an extensive amount of knowledge about religion, leadership, and became exclusively enlightened about the Civil Rights Movement which was presented by their featured guest speaker, Mr. Lee A. Kennedy.

During the time of the Bus Boycott, Kennedy was one of the first African American Bus Drivers in Montgomery, Alabama. He worked as a driver for over 50 years and also played an active role in the civil rights movement. Because of his experiences as a hero, community activist, and a witness throughout history, he has been fortunate to inform others about how some of the most important pioneers played a major role in the movement which has paved the way for positive change and human equality. Kennedy also presented to the members of Emmaus Kidz historical facts about heroes such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Emmett Till, and Rosa Parks, who at the time was known as a seamstress and a school teacher that was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a Caucasian bus passenger.

Providing mentoring, intervention, and education, both Rev J.O. Gatson and his wife, Lady Gloria Gatson, have been very successful at creating opportunities for the youth through the EK program.
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