Englewood Features Pastor Tim Rogers and the Fellas this Month

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By:Tonya Jackson

On Friday, June 25th Englewood Baptist Church will host Arkansas native Pastor Tim Rogers. Pastor Tim and the Fellas are internationally known for their singing and their message. Englewood Pastors, Larry Watson, Sr. and Larry Watson, Jr., are ready to welcome this dynamic group to town.

Pastor Larry (Jr.) states, “Pastor Tim’s resume is amazing, he’s done some amazing things. My brother, Aaron, and I learned about Pastor Tim from our aunt in Atlanta. I was watching him on YouTube and debating if we should bring him to Englewood. Shortly afterward my friend, Mary McDaniel, called me and asked if I’d ever heard of Pastor Tim. I told her we were thinking of bringing him here, and she told me that she has booked him several times. We then began talking and working to bringing him here.”

Pastor Larry continues, “The legendary gospel greats, The Williams Brothers, have described him as ‘vocal perfection’. That’s a big deal for The Williams Brothers to cosign you. Don’t put Pastor Tim and the Fellas in a box, because he’s not limited to just one style of music. You’re going to get some down home Church. You’re going to get some quartet singing. And he also has some worship songs. I thought his diversity makes him a good fit for our area. He covers multi-generations and has a great range of songs from traditional gospel to praise and worship. I encourage everyone to buy a ticket now. You do not want to miss this show.”

What can people expect from Pastor Tim when he comes to Pensacola? According to Pastor Tim, “It’s really one word, just one word, ‘Church’. That’s what you can expect from Pastor Tim and the Fellas. That’s what we do. Every time we’re granted the opportunity to share the word of God through song we like to have church and we like to have our kind of church. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m from the country, I’m a country boy who travels the world singing and preaching. And whenever I’m granted the opportunity to do that, it’s church all day. From the time I get onstage until I get offstage, it’s all church. If you like to have church, you need to be there with me.”

Pastor Tim and the Fellas are the headliners for the evening, but the program will also feature DeWayne Crocker, Jr., Pastor Larry Watson, Pastor J. H. Miller, The Visionaires, and the MJJ Praise Dancers. Magic 106.1 on-air personality Sonshine will be the event host. Tickets are currently on sale at the Englewood All-In-One Restaurant Ministry, Mr. Wings, Goodfellas Barbershop, and Viola’s Men’s Wear.

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