By Wesley Martin
Citizens of Pensacola had a chance to witness a true evangelist last week during the All-City Revival held at Englewood Missionary Baptist Church. The All-City revival is composed of 38 churches and is sponsored by the Baptist Pastors Union of the Pensacola vicinity.
Pastor H. B. Charles, Jr.  of the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida was the  Evangelist for the week; giving the word Monday through Friday.
On Friday, November 2, Charles gave an expository word from Psalms 46.
“Psalms 46 is the song of hope for all who trust in god, his son the Lord Jesus Christ,” he said. “We do not know who wrote Psalms 46, we do not know what occasion moved him to write this composition … yet Psalms 46 speaks to any, every set of circumstances the children of God may face in this life.”
Moral corruption, economic reversal, natural tragedies, political shenanigans, international conflict, and spiritual problems are examples of problems we face Pastor Charles mentioned.
“There is no safe place in this world,” Charles said. “But, the good news is: there is a safe place in God … the only safe place in this world is in God and god alone.
Pastor Dr. Larry Watson, Sr., of Englewood Baptist Church serves as chairman of the All-City Revival and vice president of the pastors union said Pastor Charles “revived” many in attendance.
“It was well attended,” Watson said. “Englewood seats a large number of people and it was basically to the max each night.”
Watson also said community choirs, like the 100 Plus Male Chorus, did a super job. Charles, who was the revivalist last year, was so well received Watson said the committee decided to bring him back this year. And observing how he was received, one shouldn’t doubt a special appearance next year.

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