Epps Christian Center Serves Thanksgiving Dinner



Despite thieves stealing the turkeys, pies and computers, Evangelist Sylvia Tisdale and her staff served more than 200+ dinners to the community. “We still sent 150 dinners to Meals on Wheels, 100 dinners to Century and 25 dinners to Water Front Mission,” she said. Revelation Christina Ministry (Rev. Timothy Grier, Pastor) was instrumental in distributing meals to The Council on Aging.

“The community has been great in coming to the aid of our organization.” There’s been such an outpouring of love that makes this all worthwhile,” stated Tisdale.

Epps Christian Center has been serving the homeless and people of the community for 10 years. “We’ve been serving the community out of our own pockets for years. Epps Christian Center does not receive any type of funding from any government or community organization. “Sometimes it’s been rough but God always has a plan,” she said.

“We’ve been serving Thanksgiving dinners for 8 years and we always do this the Saturday before Thanksgiving. That way people can have two meals for Thanksgiving.”

“People of the community just kept coming,” said Tisdale. “All day we had people bringing turkeys, hams and everything necessary to make this a success. There were even some that brought money to help as well,” she said.IMG_2968

Also, Power House Ministries was there to assist in distributing free clothes. “We felt that this was a great opportunity to partner with Sister Tisdale to get clothing into the hands of those that needed it,” said Pastor Bruce Gulley. Included in the distribution were men’s and ladies suits, formal dresses, pants, children clothes and shoes.

Because the thieves took the computers, 21st CCLC, which is an after school program for disadvantaged youth, will take a setback. “We had programs for children to be able to get their homework, after school projects and learning various programs. Now, without our computers, our children will be forced to work without proper tools,” said Tisdale.

“We have had the after school program now for five years and have seen great improvement in our children’s grades. This also keeps our children off of the streets. The critical latch key hours 4:30-6:30 helps us keep the children occupied while the parents are at work”.

Epps Christian has created a Go Fund Me site for anyone that wishes to help with replacement of the computers and programs. All donations are tax deductible. For more information, call (850) 572-5761 or contact them on FaceBook.

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