Epps Christian Center Sponsors All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast


By: Jacqueline Miles

If hunger could have been an issue Saturday morning, Epps Christian Center solved the problem as they served a breakfast of grits, scrambled eggs, bacon, fried bologna and pancakes celebrating Mother’s Day in the community.

Guests enjoyed food, fellowship and listened to a heartfelt story delivered by guest speaker Sherri Myers.

Myers, who sits on the Pensacola City Council, shared her life experience growing up as a child and why she has been so vigilant in helping the disabled and minorities. “I grew up in Montgomery, Alabama and I have to tell you it was my mother who was my strong rock. My mother was from the mountains of  Arkansas and she did not believe in segregation. She was under a lot of pressure to join the White

Citizen’s Council. When she did not, she was ostracized because of it but it did not stop her from what she had to do.  She had great values and was kind to people,” She said.

“We grew up poor and even though we didn’t have much, she worked hard and made sure we were taken care of and had a lot of love, “ Myers stated.

“She had us in church every Wednesday night, every Sunday night and every revival.  This is a woman that did not have public transportation.  We walked to school and she walked to work.  My mother lived by faith and not by sight.  I would not be where I am today.  It was nothing but an idea; had it not been for my mother and Eula Tanner. Eula Tanner used to say to me-one of these days you are going to be a secretary; something she could never have become.  God has a plan for us.  No matter how poor we are,  God has a plan for us.  I thank God every day for what he has done.  Why am I so passionate about Civil rights?  Because growing up poor allowed me to see how people can me mistreated. I became a lawyer to help women with their struggles.”  She said. Don’t let people tell you that you are nothing.  You are some body.”

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