Epps Christian Center Still on a Mission

Saturday morning at Epps Christian Center many people, walking and driving, waited to pick up boxes of food from the Farms Share truck. Car lines were formed three blocks around the corner waiting their turn to receive boxes of fresh vegetables and other nutrients.
Boxes were loaded with items such as green beans, juice, bananas, zucchini squash, bread and much more. In addition to the boxes being distributed, inside, Thanksgiving dinners were being prepared for many of the participants by Pastor Tisdale herself. “We’ve given out at least 400+ dinners here so far and still there is a line waiting,” said Pastor Sylvia Tisdale. “We are serving now because this way, the people can have two dinners for Thanksgiving; one here and one on Thanksgiving.” We always serve on the Saturday before Thanksgiving,” She said. “They get turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes and vegetables to enjoy today. We realize that some of these people will only have this meal for Thanksgiving, so we just want to make sure that they have some type of feast.” The group has spent the last three days cooking and preparing for this event.
Dr. Calvin Avant, CEO and pastor of Unity in the Family was one of the volunteers there. As he was loading up dinners to deliver to seniors throughout the community, he took a moment to talk with the Gulf Coast Voice. “I’m on my way to deliver meals to the seniors in the Warrington area. We are delivering throughout the community with zip codes of 32505, 32507 and 32503.” Today, they’ve partnered with Meals on Wheels to deliver dinners to their seniors as well.
Epps Christian Center has been serving breakfast and dinners to the community for 12 years. They are a non-profit organization, so all their food comes from donations. “I would like to thank the community that has really been so gracious to make this happen; Cox Cable, the[County] Commissioners, the City Council, tons of businesses and people gave. We also want to thank Sam’s Warehouse for allowing us to have a food drive and all their customers that went above and beyond to donate. One gentleman donated ten turkeys. Senator’s Broxton’s office called to see to it that we have the Farm Share truck to come to Brownsville, because the need is so great over here.” People were lined up since 6am that morning to receive dinners and donations from Farm Share.

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