Escambia County 2014 Kids Tag Art

By Carlyn ‘Cartilini” James

Thursday evening Escambia County Tax Collector, Janet Holley initiated the 2014 Kids Tag Art program. Modeled after the Polk County Tax Collector, this program serves as an inspiration to fifth grade students who each designed their own specialty plates. This has been in accommodation for over 120 of Florida’s specialty license plates.

Holley partnered with Superintendent of Schools, Malcolm Thomas to offer this curriculum to students in Escambia County. While parents now have an opportunity to purchase their child’s tag art through their school, each of the participating sponsors have selected a student as a choice award. Serving as a major sponsor, Pensacola’s auto dealership owner Sandy Sanding was this year’s major sponsor. His sponsor choice award went to Lacie Day of Beulah Elementary.

The Superintendents Choice Award went to Paris Papillion of Beulah Elementary and the Tax Collector’s Choice Award went to Bristol Kelley of Jim Allen Elementary. Though these tags are used for art purposes only and not for legal identification purposes which or normally placed on the rear of one’s vehicle, all proceeds from this program went towards the benefit of the art departments of the schools within the Escambia County District.

As more donations and funding were contributed by the partnering sponsors, additional recognition went to the Tax Collector’s Choice Award, the Superintendent Choice Award and the Sandy Sansing Choice Award.

The winning tags can be viewed by the public or purchased via the website of the Janet Holley Escambia County Tax Collector’s Office. For more information log onto:


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