FABOM Participates in FAMU Day

IMG_0220By Jacqueline Miles

Florida Association of Black Owned Media spent time in Tallahassee touring the Capitol and giving honor to FAMU University for their FAMU Day.

The organization, headed by Bobby Henry, Publisher of the Westside Gazette, held a short meeting at the Governor’s Club, hosted by Gayle Andrews  to plan their agenda for the coming year and discuss matters that were of utmost concern to the African American Community. “We are in a time where Black Media has to take a stand and let people know that we will not be deterred in printing the truth.”  “Too many incidents are going on and not enough light has been shed on them.”  He said.

Thursday morning, the organization met briefly with Senate President Andy Gardner at the Capitol, Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives Steve Crisafulli, and was given a brief tour.

Later that morning, the organization had the opportunity meet with Tim Moore, Director of the Research Department at FAMU.  “This institution is phenomenal.  It has a tremendous story history. “  He stated.  “Leaders lead, managers tread water.  We need the leaders of these organizations to lead this community back to prosperity, back to why it matters. We’ve got to give our students the opportunities.  The biggest challenge we see here is the students lack of confidence. They don’t know how good they really are.  And we’ve got to give them that opportunity,” stated Moore.

Among other research done, FAMU’s research Department currently is researching cures for cancer; breast, skin and lung cancer.  The laboratory is equipped to test their findings on lab mice and rats. Using a compound of medical drugs and naturals drugs the department uses the mice to track the response of the finding. This life saving research is now being patented and marketed.

FAMU Research Department is now aggressively using their students’ ability in this field to show that these students have the ability to produce solid cures.  “We can now protect, patent and trademark what our department does and market it,” said Reese Reid, Assistant to the Director.

The Luncheon was sponsored by the AKA sorority.  Pink and Green Colors decorated the building as guests prepared to enjoy a delightful meal consisting of baked chicken with hollandaise sauce, green beans and baked whole potatoes and listen to Joy-Ann Reid, Correspondent of MSNBC, speaker for the occasion.

The afternoon had many parents, politicians, lawyers, law enforcement and observers in a very high energy dialogue of “Does Black lives Matter”.  Not only were there problems presented but solutions given as well.

The culmination of the evening brought everyone back to the campus to enjoy a reception of acknowledgement and awards to staff, members and supporters of FAMU University.

FAMU’s academic achievements are what set it apart as a unique learning experience. In 2014, FAMU was recognized among the 2014 U.S. News & World Report’s “Best National Universities.” The U.S. News & World Report lists FAMU as the top public historically black college or university in the nation for 2015.  It is also listed among The Princeton Review’s “Best in the Southeast” colleges and is one of the top picks for providing a high quality education at an affordable price in Florida, according to The College Database (2013).

For more information about Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University please visit their website  www.FAMUUniversity.

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