Faith Matters to Covenant Hospice Care

By: Jeremie Samuel

Community educators of Covenant Hospice offered citizens and health care professionals information on End-of-Life Care during the Faith Matters program held at Zion Hope Primitive Baptist Church last Friday.

The Faith Matters program, a joint venture between Covenant Hospice and the Diversity Engagement Committee of Covenant Hospice for the Pensacola area, offered a faith-based perspective to the African-American community concerning hospice care. The Hospice Education Institute provided additional support and funding to make the event possible.

Andre Hall, Covenant Hospice community educator, said, “That’s one of the reasons why it was held at a church so that people understand that we respect their faith and we want them to stay involved in their faith.”

Hall says the Faith Matters program was implemented to dispel some of the myths in the African-American community about hospice care. This includes the perception that hospice care is a death sentence or that their family has given up on them.

“That’s not always the case, we have actually had some people discharged from hospice,” Hall said. “What we do is come in and try to make people more comfortable. It doesn’t mean that you’ve given up. It means that you’ve gotten to a point where you want to be more comfortable and that’s what we do.”

Mioshe Mobley of the Covenant Hospice Milton branch says educating oneself about End-of-Life Care is highly advisable.

“It will benefit anyone over the age of eighteen,” she said. “People tend to think it is something elderly people have to deal with.”

Mobley stressed the importance that all adults become aware of information regarding hospice care. Mobley said the program also works to educate people on letting their family know what they want done when they’re not able to communicate.

“Studies show that grandchildren are actually being raised by their grandparents and so they are going to have to make these decisions for their grandparents,” Mobley said.

According to Mobley, Covenant Hospice turns down no one. They even make resources available to the homeless.

“Cost is not an issue once a person meets the requirements of hospice care in Medicare benefits.”

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