Fighting Hunger Feeding Hope



By: Shirley Stone

(PNS) Fighting hunger while feeding hope to the homeless, is the mission of Reverend Winfred Pettiway Sr. pastor of Little Zion AME Zion Church, here in Pensacola.   In my wonderment, I wanted to know why this was such a driven passion for Reverend Pettiway and his staff at Fresh Start. Then, as I listened I heard a man with a vision give every individual coming through his ministry with an unsavory past a fresh start no matter of their race, creed, color, gender or religious beliefs.  As I listened to his heartfelt dream of partnering up with other ministries to offer hope to the homeless, I had the first-hand pleasure of seeing he was not just a hearer of the word of God but a doer.

We went to a location here in Pensacola off of Mobile Hwy. and Green Street where he and his staff of volunteers partner up twice a month on donated land with other ministries doing Out Reach Street Ministry.  These volunteers have driven from as far as Fort Walton Beach, Gulf Breeze, Milton, to partner with Fresh Start Ministries, Feed and Fellowship Ministries, Shepherds Place Resource Center, Talbot Chapel AME Zion Church and House of Righteous Ministries, better known as H.O.R.M to feed the hungry while praying for them and offering them hope that they can have a FRESH START here in the Pensacola FL.

We prayed and fellowshipped with families, couples, pregnant women, and single men and women, as we heard testimonies from and individuals who had been healed because of weeks earlier someone from this camp meeting had prayed for them.

God sent the hurting, the homeless and people who walked up and wanted prayer.  They said they were touched to see that we were there out in the open offering HOPE of a FRESH START. Then to top off the blessing of this gathering the rain came as a sign declaring as we prayed these words with power and authority “as our praises go up the blessing of God will come down, that the latter rain of their lives would be greater than the former rain.” Then just as unannounced the rain came, all of a sudden the rain stopped.  The people shouted because God showed up and showed out.  As we walked to our cars and destiny I knew I had witnessed a miracle of a FRESH START here in Pensacola FL.

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