Filmmaking workshop: Teaches kids teamwork

Hands on learning

by Wesley Martin
Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team to complete a film project.
Lights, Camera, Discover (LCD), a non-profit organization founded by Kema Charles and Trey Murphy of North Hollywood, Ca., is a program that teaches the skills of being in front of the camera to behind the camera while seeking to empower students of underprivileged communities by strengthening their creative minds.
“We believe that even if the students never had an interest in the arts, they will begin using their minds to focus on positive things that will inspire them to be more positive people,” Kema said. “Our program will help build self-esteem and community.”
Kema, a Pensacola native and Washington High alumna, said the program held its’ first program in Abuja, Nigeria in 2010. There, they taught children the basics of filmmaking and other techniques needed in the entertainment world.
Feeling inspired, they decided to bring the program stateside and to host summer workshops in six urban cities within Mississippi, Florida and Illinois. (Pensacola was the first stop).
The 18 participants, all in their teens, learned everything from screenwriting techniques to non-linear editing during this year’s workshop.
With so many young and eager minds, streamlining concepts can prove difficult at times. But, it seems as if Kema and Trey have ironed out most of the kinks in that department.
How: being honest with themselves and most importantly, their students.
“It takes a team to [complete] a project,” Kema said. “So, we’re teaching them how to work together in situations with people they normally wouldn’t work with. We’re teaching them how to make a complete package.”
A screening of the student’s work who participated in the Pensacola workshop is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, July 28. Please visit for the location and time of the event.

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