Five Flags Dance Academy 24th Annual Dance Recital: “Uptown Style with Downtown Kicks”

By: Carlyn A. James, MFA-FSH
Sunday, June 08, 2014 the Dancers and Instructors of Five Flags Dance Academy & Ballet Company presented its 24th Annual Dance Recital live at the Pensacola Saenger Theatre. The theme was Uptown Style with Downtown Kicks. Each year the company decides on a theme for their recital. This year the dancers showcased their performance in the downtown area within the City of Pensacola.

Shortly after the theme was chosen as Pensacola’s Palafox which was awarded as “One of 10 Great Streets in America.” The goal of the Academy was to pay tribute to this city.
Members of the FFDA Advanced Adult Ballet Dance Class: Amanda Baldwin (Instructor), Ursula Pegg(Instructor), Jesika Richardson(Instructor), Haleigh Waits, Hattie Larson, Claire Hall, Joy Soper, Kaylia Kase, Codi Hatfield, Ali Burdess(Instructor), Carlyn James geared up in costume/wardrobe to enter the stage to perform Main Street. The group had an outstanding performance which was conducted in Act 3 of the show shortly before the grand finale. This dance was choreographed by ballet instructor Joanne Adams. In the grand finale all dancers and instructors came together by dancing to one of the world’s most famous songs: YMCA. The audience and guest were well entertained.

Five Flags Dance Academy was established in 1990. Dianne Robbins is the owner and director of the company. She takes great pride in her work. As FFDA has expanded over the years, the studio consists of a group of fully qualified instructors. These teachers are talented, dance-educated, and professional trained. For more information about log onto:

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