Florida Resident Saves the Life of a 7 yr. old Child on the 4th of July

By Carlyn A. James, MFA-FSH
Do you believe in Guardian Angels?  Well it has certainly been proven that Angels from above have been sent to protect us even through the lives of others.
On the 4th of July several visitors from out of town and local residents celebrated such a beautiful day of independence.  There was one party in particular where both adults and children gathered to celebrate this wonderful holiday in the City of Pensacola. The guest stated that as the children wandered towards the deep end of the pool there was an Angel within their midst.  Their angel was Mr. Pete Strong.  He was sitting approximately 10-12 feet away from the pool and  holding a casual conversation with the other adults.  Within his peripheral view, Mr. Strong noticed that there was one kid in particular who appeared to be struggling to stay afloat in the water.  It was a 7 year old boy.  Though there were other adults present and more kids in the pool no one else noticed that the child was in danger of drowning.
Mr. Strong is a member of Par 4 Golf Charities and The First Tee program in Pensacola, Florida. As for those who know him well, it was sure that he was neatly dressed, wearing a hat, and a designer pair of leather sandals. His mobile phone was also attached to him.  With no worries of material belongings, Mr. Strong dived directly into the deep end of the pool to save the 7 year old child’s life.
As the child was going under the water, Mr. Strong grabbed him and lifted him out of the pool.  The guests of the party began screaming and went into shock.  It was  a miracle that Strong noticed the kid and after he saved his life, not once did he show any concern about his personal belongings.  He was very humble and his only concern was that the child’s life was saved.
Family and friends of the 7 year old were greatly appreciative and all so thankful for his heroism.  Everyone was so happy to celebrate both such a great holiday together and most importantly the fact that there was an Angel in disguise to save the day.

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