By Bobby Booker II

PENSACOLA, FL – The rain storms that seemed to have come out of nowhere held no bearing on the attendance of this years annual Pensacola Seafood Festival.  The fact that Pensacola is a melting pot of diverse cultures was evident today. Families from all over the Gulf Coast and beyond showed up in great numbers to partake in the festivities that highlighted great food and southern hospitality at its best.

Any seafood the mind can imagine was available for consumption and enjoyment.  The smell of fried fish and steamed shellfish filled the atmosphere with an overpowering aroma that could make even the healthiest vegan salivate! The air was filled with the sound of laughing and music that radiated a joyful feeling that can only be felt in one of Pensacola’s many festivals.  With all sorts of restaurants and food trucks offering their tastiest cuisines, the only problem was deciding where to go and what to eat next.

Vendors from all over showed up with their best works.  Artist like LB3 showcased his artwork of Jimmy Hendrix and other influential figures with his works on canvas that bared stunning resemblances to the real thing.  Melanie Morris, also known as the ‘Angel Lady,’ brought her angelic paintings all the way from Destin, Florida. She is well known for her paintings of angels and their religious names.   Jason Stokes brings his Pottery from Navarre, Florida.  His pieces are unique in the fact that he deliberately destroys his work and then alters it so that it still functions alongside it’s imperfections.

To have such nasty weather, Pensacola’s spirit was prevalent at this year’s seafood fest. People showed up armed with raincoat panchos and umbrellas.  But despite the rain, people still smiled, laughed, and greeted one another as though it was just as bright and sunny as any other sunny Florida day.

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