Former President Bill Clinton Visits Eastside Pensacola


By: Jacqueline Miles

History was made Saturday afternoon as the former President Bill Clinton visited the East side E. S. Cobb Recreational Center. Met by a diverse crowd of old, young, Black, white, gay and straight, Mr. Clinton entered the building to an overcrowded room of cheering, jubilant and excited Clinton enthusiasts.

Mayor Ashton Hayward welcomed Mr. Clinton to the area and County Commissioner Lumon May District 3 had the honor of introducing Mr. Clinton.

As he stepped to the podium he gave Commissioner May a hug and then thanked Mayor Hayward for dropping in and welcoming him to Pensacola.

Here is just a part of what Mr. Clinton spoke about.

“In the last 20 years, two third of all of our new jobs have come from small businesses. Now, the problem is, we’re not making small businesses again like we used to; too hard for people to make the difficult requirements. So, what we have to do, is not let Wall Street correct the main stream again by taking too many risks, but not relaxing the rules on the bond so that people will make these small businesses loans again. 80% of the new jobs created are by businesses in the first five years of their existence. “

“We can go back to trickle-down economics where the government is foreign, or we can go back to investing in your economics and create more than 10 million jobs in infrastructure. You can repeal the Dodd-Frank Bill and run the risk that Wall Street breaks Main Street again, or you can keep it but change from the bottom up so that there are big incentives to loan money to small businesses in every community in the United States of America.”

“Let’s take health care. There are some problems with health care and so her opponent says I know you are a bad batch of people. And Hillary says I wouldn’t do that if I were you because we’ve got 25 million more people with health insurance that ever had it before. 100% of us are better off and no matter what happens to us, our families cannot be denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition.”

“And the because kids today get mad in school without the ability to manage all of their college debt have enough trouble as it is, and at least if you have family health insurance you can keep your child on it until age 26. But there is a problem—so what is the problem? The problem is rising copays, doctor bill costs, and insurance premium costs which hit hardest people who make just a little too much money to qualify for the subsidies. Or small businesses make just a little too much money to qualify for the substance. “

“I had this conversation with a guy that does a lot of building work for me. He is one of my favorite people. He loves Hillary but she looks like he would be for the other guy. That just goes to show you, don’t do what they do. Do not judge a book by its cover. Do not do that. He’s got long hair and a mess of tattoos and he builds motorcycles for a hobby. But he’s a really good man and a world class partner, and a veteran with a side in the military. So he says to me the other day this is killing us (he’s got type 1 diabetes-the kind you are born with). My premiums are so high and the co-pay from the doctor bill is really high and I’ve had to change my medicine, it’s been really tough. He knows why because he works sixty hours a week and he works his heart out. So, He’s just a little too high in his income to qualify for the subsidies. And he says- I pay my people more than anybody else doing this because I don’t want them to raise their kids in poverty. Because I pay them well, they make just a little too much to qualify for this. So Hillary says, instead of repealing the bill, let people 55 and over buy into Medicare and give everybody else a public option so that no matter where you live in America America-there is an affordable and available health insurance policy that treats every single person fair.”

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