Four Years of No Help for West Creek Apartments


Three years ago when Governor Rick Scott toured Pensacola, he stopped at the West Creek Apartments in Warrington and pledged that the tenants would receive help from FEMA, the County Commissioners and the Management for the flooding that continues to take place at the apartments.

As of this date, nothing has happened.  “We have HUD that comes out to inspect the apartments.  Management makes sure that it looks good, but nothing has been done to stop the flooding of the apartments,” said a tenant who asked not to be identified.  “They are telling us now that we must evacuate but we don’t have anywhere to go.  We just paid our rent.”

When asked why they don’t have Renter’s insurance or complain she replied, “They told us we couldn’t have Renter’s insurance and if we complained, we would be evicted.”

Behind the apartments, there is a creek (Jones Creek) that rises when there is a constant rain.  Because of the pending tropical storm, tenants have already started experiencing flooding in the back buildings which are being evacuated.  “If it keeps raining and this storm hits, we all are going to be under water,” said the tenant.

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