Fourth Homicide Victim Found in Pensacola

BY: Freedom Whiting

The city of Pensacola has had it’s forth homicide this year. In the corner lot of  Tarragona and Hernandez streets, Thomas Mitchell III, 27, was found dead from a gunshot wound. According to medical reports, Mitchell was pronounced dead at the scene. The Pensacola Police Department stated that a call about the shooting came in around 10 p.m. Sunday.

No arrest have been made at this time. Police Chief Chip Simmons has stated that motive for the solution has not been found. While investigating the shooting of Mitchell, Simmons says that investigators are also searching for witness’ who may have seen the shooting.

With crimes of this nature, authorities often reach out to the local community for their help in solving these needles crimes. Captain David Alexander, head of Pensacola Police Department’s Criminal Investigation division, believes that the community is one of the most important part of any criminal investigation.

“The public in general needs to know that we can use of everyone when investigating crimes,” Alexander said. Alexander admits that the local community is often at times reluctant to cooperate with authorities during an investigation. However, Alexander states that eventually, “Crime is going to be on everyone’s door step” one way or another and that those victims will want answers.

While stressing justice, Alexander also alluded to the unfortunate, but common character  critiques the general population may hold  of young blacks who have been mudered.

“That’s still somebody’s child,” Alexander said of Mitchell, “regardless of whether they were ‘good’ or ‘bad.’”

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