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Barbed wire Comes down at Truman Arms Apartment


Truman Arms


After battling for five years to get the wire removed from the top of the wall of Truman Arms, Rev. Willie Williams, pastor of the Top of the Bottom Ministries has finally succeeded in having it torn down.  “”We have a committee that is planning a celebration for the removal of the wire.” He said.

Since the beginning of the construction of the building complex, barbed wire has surrounded the multi-unit apartment complex.   “It’s been wrong for so long, that it actually seemed right.  Our young people can no longer be teased about going in there to a concentration camp. “Now we must educate the young people why they mustn’t jump over the wall,” stated Rev. Williams.  “We had an elderly lady that lives here go and visit her sister when she had their family reunion because she didn’t want her family to see her living in those kind of conditions.”

Getting the wire down proved to be an exhausting project.  “If it had not been for Emanuel Sheppard and Condon, filling out of paperwork and doing the filings, we would have been hard pressed.” Said Rev. Williams   The group was told at one point that if they wanted it down, they would have to pay for it.

In the end, it all worked out,” said Rev. Williams.

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