From Pensacola, The Story of Ida Albertine Goodson

Ida Goodson
Ida Goodson

The Story of Ida Albertine Goodson Ida was born in Mariana, Fla. Her mother died, and her father moved to Pensacola, Fla. with five daughters. There were seven daughters born to this family, but earlier, the two oldest ones, Mabel and Maggie, died in Mariana. Their father, Madison, worked on the railroad in Pensacola. His death left five daughters to mourn him. He was also survived by a brother, Judge Goodson, and two sisters, Ida Dixon and Lonnie Goodson of River Junction, Fla. All of them are deceased now.

Ida was the youngest of the siblings. She worked as a cook before beginning her musical career. Her first job as a musician was with Mack and His Merry Makers. From there, she was picked up by “The Professor”, Harold Andrews. Later, she joined Wally “The Cat” Mercer, playing at different jobs. She also performed at The Mecca Bar on Garden Street for quite a while; then at the Belmont Theatre, but only on Mondays, which were amateur nights. She worked with comedians Arthur Blue and Drum. She also played with R.D. Johnson here and there, Albert Ashley, Charlie Brewton, Roscoe Johnson, Corry Davis, and Alfonzo Gamble. Later, she became known and played at different jobs on her own until she became ill and passed. She is survived by four children-yours truly, Theodoria Washington McKethan, Danny, Royce, and Sammie Goodson. I hope that this will clear up a lot that was said in recent stories about big bands, etc. She never performed in any of them. However, during her time, she was a good piano player.

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