From the Desk of the Publisher: ARE YOU BRAINWASHED? How can you tell?

Webster’s dictionary defines ‘brainwashed’ as an indoctrination so intense and thorough as to effect a radical transformation of one’s beliefs.   Simply stated, it means something is thrown at you so much, be it mass media, physical force, etc., that you actually start to believe it.

A primary focus in the media today, is the amount of attention that is given to the Muslim community.  Let me say from the onset that I do not believe that all Muslims are vicious and have the intent to kill everyone –Americans, in this country or abroad.  I believe that there is a certain sect that has taken to the streets using that religion as a way to justify doing harm just as we have Christians hiding under the umbrella to justify harming others.    We have heard or seen these atrocities so much we BELIEVE that all Muslims hate us, and want to do us harm.

Today however, we no longer use the word brainwashed, we substitute it with “mental conditioning.”  Mental conditioning is a term we are familiar with too but the bottom line, it’s still brain washing.  Take for instance the military, i.e., the Marines.  Now I’m not against our military, I’m using them as a prime example of the mental conditioning it takes to get fit to defend and serve our country.  When they enter the service, there’s a 6 week “indoctrination” period they go through to get their minds and body ready for what is expected of them.  Once that is accomplished, you now have a mentally charged individual that is ready to encounter any and all adversity and will put his or her life at risk for his country.

Mental conditioning is done on a daily basis whether we know it or not. Television is the prime source of mental conditioning.  Have you noticed how much violence is shown on television?  Watching violence constantly will condition the mind to believe that violence is the way of life.  That to kill is no big thing.  As a result, we see murder and violence on the rise.  We are conditioned to violence like a certain brand of coffee.  We are conditioned to think one culture is better than the other.  We are conditioned to think that if we aren’t in a certain social group, we are an outsider.  We are even conditioned to think that poverty is a way of life and there is no way out.  The good news is, you can change the way you think despite the conditioning around you.  Ask yourself, “What have I been conditioned to do or think”?  What do I need to change?   Next week, some simple tips and steps to free your mind to think independently.

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