GCAACC Sponsors GAIN Night


By: Tonya Jackson

The New Year is traditionally a time for big changes and the Gulf Coast African American Chamber of Commerce (GCAACC) is making a change that is sure to attract attention. Starting this month, the GCAACC will have a new form of communication with its members and part of this effort will be featured in the Pensacola Voice.

Take a walking tour of the Seville area of Pensacola and you’ll notice the architecture looks different yet, familiar. As a matter of fact, this Pensacola area, and two others areas have the same unique style. Local author Jeremie Samuel wants to share the reason for this reason and more with you. Samuel is the author of, “The Moorish Essence of Pensacola: A Legacy of Exploration and Cultural Exchange from Estevanico to Tristan de Luna.”

While in college, Samuel wanted a deeper connection to his heritage in this area. His quest for knowledge developed his love of history and lead him to discover that there is much more to learn about the city of Pensacola. Recent finds by the Archeology Department of the University of West Florida have confirmed what he knows, there is more beneath the surface and “we have a diverse cultural history. A jewel we’ve been sitting on,” according to Samuel.

What’s next for Samuel? He is adapting his book for children, so expect to see that completed project in the near future. If you are eager for more and don’t want to wait until then, his current book is for sale at the Gathering Awareness Bookstore, located at 314 N Devillers St., and on Amazon.com.

Additionally, next month the Gulf Coast African American Chamber of Commerce will have him as their featured speaker for Black History Month on G.A.I.N. Night. This event will be held Tuesday, February 16th, 5:30 pm at the Pensacola Improv Event Center located at 375 N Pace Blvd.

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