GLR Productions Brings Dinner and Play to Pensacola



By: Tony McCray

Elrico Tunstall of GLR Productions is bringing Dinner Theater to Pensacola with a stage play fit for family fun on television.  The play Darryl’s World was created by Tunstall and written by Rubin Mayzck will premiere on May 14th at the National Guard Armory in Pensacola at 8790 Grow Drive.  Tickets are $20.00 and a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the A.A. Dixon School of Arts in Pensacola, Florida.  A three course meal will be served with every ticket purchase.

The story is about two young teenage sisters and their brother who go to live with their Uncle John, a minister.  Once the move is made chaos erupts and completely turns their Uncle John’s life upside down.  Darryl Brundidge Jr. will be playing Darryl Baker, the teenage brother.  Uncle John, the minister, is being played by Mark “Preachaman” from Mobile, Alabama.  Katrina Scott plays Jessica, Uncle John’s Church Secretary and aide.

Elrico is a graduate of Escambia High School and the L.A. Film School (2010-2011).  In an interview with the Pensacola Voice he described the many hats he wears in the Pensacola/Mobile regional community.  He is a writer, a youth coach, a youth mentor, a director, and an entertainment manager. Also, he manages DeWayne Crocker, Jr., and Craigh Franklin. Elrico assisted in the Crocker concert at Greater Little Rock Baptist Church, where acts were brought into Pensacola as a way for Crocker, a BET Sunday Best Winner, and GLR Productions saying thank you to the community.  As an example of Elrico’s commitment to the youth that he coaches and mentors, he has included several of the young ladies that he coaches in youth basketball in the stage play, Darryl’s world.  The viewing of Darryl’s World by the audience will bring to their minds that they are in the studio of a live comedy series on BET with an all-Black cast of teenagers and adults.

The play is in two acts. Darryl, the teenage nephew is the focal point of the play as he is growing up attempting to take care of and defend his two younger sisters.  As we stated earlier, Darryl Brundidge, Jr. will be playing Darryl Baker, the teenage brother. Even at his young age of 13 years old, Brundidge has been cast in several plays in local schools.  He loves acting and should be an exciting character to watch onstage. The younger sisters are played by Oceana Madison as Zoey and Jonacia Madison as Serenity.

Elrico describes the experience that as soon as you enter the venue of the play you will be greeted and escorted to your table. The dinner theater encounter continues with an offer of your salad with a wine or other beverage selection.  The dinner of either roasted chicken or deep fried southern fish with green beans or broccoli and rice pilaf is served during intermission. GLR Productions promises a full 3 course meal and an original stage play with a talented local cast from the local area for the price of $20.  Tickets are available at Arlene’s BBQ at 4900 Mobile Highway, Pensacola, Florida.

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