Goldsmith Retires from Pensacola Police

David Goldsmith

Thursday afternoon the community came to wish Sgt. David Goldsmith well as he started on the road to retirement. “I could not have done this if I had not had the support of one per- son in my life. That’s my wife,” said Goldsmith. “I owe a lot of people. A lot people have touched me in in career, and I want to thank each of you.” “David has long been an ambassador for the police department in his capacity as a police officer on the streets, and in his capacity as a motorcycle officer / motorcycle Sargent. He’s always put on a great face for the department. He’s always been courteous and very capable. He’s some- one we are going to miss around here and we wish him well,” said Chief Chip Simmons.

Sargent Goldsmith served on the Police force for 30 years entering into the de- partment in 1983 as a ca- det. From there we worked his way up motorcycles becoming a Sergeant and then into investigations. Happy retirement Sergeant Goldsmith/

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