Good Ole’ America


America is the biggest false propaganda machine ever erected. It has fooled most of us into believing that this country, our country, is pure and virgin like. Please!

It’s just not this election, but it’s the most current and memorable one that we can see, taste and feel. And from all accounts, the taste is bitter, the touch is hard and cold, and the sight or false illusion is blinding. How can America and the hidden hands of power use words like morality, integrity and trust or honesty? This country has no shame!

We believe in fairytale endings and equal beginnings, when in reality, black people have known no such things. We were forced to believe that both candidates had love and concern for us. The fact that we were even delivered two amazingly flawed people was insulting. Can we imagine that we just came off a President (Barack Obama) who’s only flaw was that he was young and inexperienced. We were stuck with two candidates who, as I stated before, should have probably been locked-up.

If Barack would have said the kind of hurtful and insensitive things that Trump screamed, not only would he have not been the Commander-in-Chief, this country would have arrested him for treason. How did this country present to the America people such a horrible man in Trump and an even worse opponent in Hillary? Her credentials mean nothing. She and Bill raped the Haitian people and made hundreds of millions of dollars off their pain and suffering. That’s just one country, there are others who’ll claim how the Clintons ruin their prosperity and stifled their progress.

How can America and the hidden hands of power use words like morality, integrity and trust or honesty?

The one thing I feel we can absorb from this distasteful election is that it’s time for blacks to seriously consider the Republican Party. Trump has clearly remade the party, and if blacks want to discover new found fame and power, invading the party by the masses would finally send a message to the Democratic establishment. Their weak showing with a weak candidate proved that they’re not really that powerful. They shoved Hillary down our throat, when across this country, people’s dislike for her was visible on every level.

How can a beloved black voting bloc allow for a nut bag to challenge their party’s nominee, ultimately, bringing Hillary to her knees? Trump should have been beaten by double digits. Actually, the numbers should have been so out of reach, that Donald would have exited the race months ago. This speaks volumes as to how broken the Donkey is and how open the Elephant is to accepting new ideas and a new direction for its leadership. I suggest that Millennials accept this new direction to help rebuild the Republican Party.

Good Ole America is in need of some fresh new thoughts and new ways of communicating those innovative ideas for another fifty years of advancement. Good Ole America has unknowingly birthed a brand new nation. Let’s embrace it. What do we have to lose? Until the next edition….. Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ…..

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