Google God Tears Down the House

Church ladies dance with good news in Google God

Saturday’s production of Google God had everyone in attendance in stitches with laughter.

Playing to a full house, the char- acters brought to life many ev- eryday situations that happens in the church today.

Google God made lite of young ladies going to church not to wor- ship, but to find a man and using their Ipads and computers goo- gled men as well. From church to the Dating Game, these young ladies found not only a man but sheer disappointment in their strategy for looking.

The show kept everyone laugh- ing as it over dramatized the situ- ation, but nevertheless, it showed what really happens when we take matter in our own hands in- stead of letting God.

Surprise pick of her man causes contestant to faint in surprise.


Leroy Williams , producer, used his talents well in this two part play.
Look for Google God in DVD. It’s well worth the expense for entertainment.





Minister Vincent Warren sings ‘Do It God’s Way’ in beauty shop scene in Google God performance

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