Gospel Praise Is what We Do

Gospel praise for these young people from as far as DeFuniak Springs made the evening a time to remember.  “Dwayne Crocker, MJJ of Sixth Avenue and many groups participated.

“I ran into a couple of young ladies that were doing other things that did not relate to their praise dancing,” said Bill Marshall.  “I asked them why aren’t you dancing anymore and they said-It’s kindd boring just dancing in front of our friends.  So I thought it would be good to bring everyone back in to showcase their talents.”  “It gave them a chance to show just how good they really are.”

Marshall said that he felt that it was important to reward the children for the good that they do.  “Now that the churches are getting involved, I believe it will be even better.”

“What I really need are sponsors.  I hate to charge admission for events like this.  I wish I could just have everyone come and enjoy a city wide showcase of talent,” said Marshall.  “With a sponsor we wouldn’t have to worry about expenses of rental for the buildings, and miscellaneous things.”

Friday November 22, there is going to be a Talent Search for Middle and High School Students.  Prizes include studio time, video shoots and dance classes.  For more information call Bill Marshall at (850)232-0545.  He would to hear from  sponsors and talent.

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