Gov. Rick Scott is Gunning for Aramis Ayala -and we have to speak up even louder in support of her

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After removing her from a key case because she pledged against using the death penalty, Rick Scott could move to overstep his authority and remove Aramis Ayala from office PERMANENTLY!

It’s sparking outrage across the country–over 100 lawyers, judges, and law professionals published a letter in support of her and over 80,000 Color of Change members have joined you to demand Rick Scott let Aramis Ayala do her job.

Gov. Scott is feeling the pressure. He still hasn’t even submitted the official order to take Ayala off the case because he’s triple and quadruple checking the legality of it. We can win this.

But we have to take it up a notch. That’s why we’re flooding Gov. Rick Scott’s office with calls today to make sure he knows which side the people are on.

Will you make a call to Gov. Rick Scott’s office to let him know you #StandWithAramis?

Voters have spoken, but Rick Scott is trying to silence them. When voters turned out to support and put Aramis Ayala into office in November, they were voting her values into office. Her announcement not to use the death penalty was informed not just by the facts around it’s effectiveness both in safety and cost, but by the people who supported her with their votes. We can’t let Gov. Rick Scott’s agenda trample on democracy.

This is a clear attack on the growing momentum of Black political leadership. Over the last several years, a Black political movement has been built to combat against police violence, mass incarceration, and the complete destruction the criminal justice system has inflicted on Black people. Black women have led the way in this fight.

Aramis Ayala is the first Black woman ever to be elected as state attorney in Florida. We’ve witnessed the bravery of Baltimore’s state’s attorney, Marilyn Mosby, who took on the police officers who were neglectful and killed Freddie Gray–only to now face a lawsuit and major backlash from the same officers she tried to hold accountable. Now Ayala is facing a similar retaliation from Governor Rick Scott who is punishing her for doing what’s right and attempting to push her out.

We cannot stand for this. We must have Aramis Ayala’s back.

Make a call today.

Until justice is real,

Rashad, Arisha, Scott, Clarise, Anay, Enchanta, Malaya, and the rest of the Color of Change Team


“State attorney likely to be booted, WFTV analysts predict,” Orlando Sentinel, 03.19.2017

“More than 100 justices, judges, law professors express support for Aramis Ayala,” Florida Politics, 03.20.2017

Gov’t Rick Scott’s office number is (646)760-4838.

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